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Kirk Stierwalt, Ky Stierwalt, Hunter Stierwalt   


Ky Hunter













Ky grew up showing cattle and enjoyed a successful career with major wins at the National Western, American Royal, NAILE and more. A 2014 graduate of Oklahoma State University, Ky now focuses on raising and selling calves, conducting clinics and judging. Ky has a passion for the cattle industry and wants to share his success with the youth of today so they have the tools to be successful in the ring and in life.

Lives In
Leedey, OK

Parents: Kirk & Juli
Sister: Kyra
Wife: Hunter

Oklahoma State University
Animal Science Business

Favorite Products
Stierwalt Adhesives

Fun Fact
Was once introduced on the 50 yard line at Arrowhead Stadium during a Chiefs/Chargers game.

To learn more about Ky Stierwalt, visit


What do I bring for camp as a camper: (Blocking Chute, Clippers, Blower, Animal, Hose, Feed & Water Pans, Feed)

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Chad Hill

Chad Hill

Chad Hill

Lubbock Tx

Wife Misty

Kids Hunter 26 Austin 21 Tucker 6


Been with Essential Feeds since March 2010


Raised on Family Row Crop and Hog farm in Littlefield Tx


Judged Collegiate level 

South Plains College

Angelo State University 


Along with wife Misty we own and operate Chad Hill Durocs and Hill Stud consisting of 75 sow and 25 boars focused on show pig production 


What do I bring to Camp as a Camper: (Clippers, Animal, Feed & Water Pans, Feed, Whip)

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Chad Charmasson


Chad Charmasson of Henessey, OK operates Charmasson Club Lambs with his wife Amy and their two boys Cade (11) and Crew (5). Chad’s experience in the livestock industry runs deep starting with his personal livestock show career as a young man and then continuing as a graduate of Oklahoma State with a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture Education. Chad spent 8 years as an educator teaching at Elgin High School. During his time there Chad was responsible for the show lamb program as well as the public speaking and leadership activities. Chad’s passion for the club lamb business has continued to develop and has allowed him the opportunity focus solely on growing their family’s club lamb operation. Today Chad focuses on marketing livestock to many stock show families throughout the country; sourcing lambs from great breeding operations as well as his own flock consisting of approximately 100 mature ewes producing high quality show lambs. Chad thoroughly relishes the challenge of finding “the next great one”. Chad then enjoys putting that animal into the right family’s hands that will raise the project to reach its maximum potential in the show ring; all the while following that family and animal throughout the life cycle of their project to aide them in any guidance they might need. His passion for teaching combined with his passion for club lambs has also lead Chad to conduct Charmasson Show Lamb Clinics across the US consisting of 2-3 day hands-on educational camps teaching young people selection, good management, showmanship, fitting and more. The clinics allow Chad to positively impact the show careers of many exhibitors who are eager to learn best practices from an expert in the field. Chad believes in being focused and disciplined to put in the time and hard work at home, but he reminds exhibitors that “Regardless of how hard it might be to have success, be sure to remember to set realistic goals and with hard work you will achieve them. But, most importantly remember that livestock shows are about learning life lessons and quality time spent with family and friends”.


What do I bring to Camp: (Stand, Clippers, Blower, Sheep (Please bring sheared no less then 2 weeks prior, and not long))


Check Out our Goat Presenter for the Freedom & Liberty Livestock Camp

Mitchell Schulte


Mitchell is a third generation farmer from the Southern San Joaquin Valley who resides in Bakersfield. Growing up on the farm, he and his siblings had a small sheep breeding project for both 4-H and F.F.A. When his children came along, he began a meat goat breeding herd, B & B Kid Boers, which he continues today. Through his goats, Mitchell became involved with High Noon and OH Kruse. Mitchell developed High Noon 10-4 Show Goat Feed which continues to grow today. We appreciate Mitchell’s guidance and knowledge of Goats


What do I bring to Camp: (Stand, Clippers, Blower, Animal, Feed and Water Pans, Feed)