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Yavapai County Fair - Livestock

Youth Livestock Auction - September 12th @ 5:00pm



Register to be a Buyer at the 2020 Youth Livestock Auction - Click Here
The Auction will be online as well as live so feel free to bid on the youth livestock items sold from the conforts of your couch or here at the auction.
Buyer BBQ will begin at 4:00pm (No Charge to Buyers)
The link for the online Auction is as follows:

Auction Instructions

Bidding will be available virtually via cell phone, computer, tablet, or other handheld devices.

Access the auction site:   

Auction Schedule:  https://auction.showorks.cloud/fair/yavapaistock

Pre-registration - Buyers can pre-register by visiting our website: https://yavapaistock.fairwire.com  Pre-registration ends on September 11, 2020 @ 5:00pm

Browse, Pre-Bid, Max Bids and Add-Ons:  Auction will open for browsing, pre-bids, max bids, and add-ons on September 12th @ 1:00pm

Auction Closing:  Bids will begin to close on September 12, 2020 at 5:00pm, Lot/item closing times can vary and be shifted from actual posted times.

Add-Ons:  Auction will be open for Add-Ons until September 20, 2020 @ Midnight


Log In to Place a Bid or Add On:  

  1. Log in to make a bid on a lot.  
    1. Select Log In at the top right corner of the screen. 
    2. Search for your name in the drop-down list. 
    3. Select Request Code to receive a 4-digit security code via text. 
    4. Enter that code in the box below your name.  
  2. Not yet registered? 
    1. Click Register New Buyer, and complete the form.  A text message will be sent to you with a unique 4-digit code.  Enter that code to gain access into the auction site.  This password/code is your bidding password for the auction and will be used throughout the auction.

Make a Bid:

  1. Destination Selection:  Upon placing a first bid for a specific lot, you will be prompted to select a destination for the animal.  If you would like to change your selection, you can do so when placing another bid.  The destinations can be different for multiple animals. 
  2. Placing a split bid?  Check the split bid checkbox when placing your bid.  If you win, fair management will contact you upon winning the bid to obtain split details.
  3. Max Bidding:  Enter a private Proxy Max Bid for any specific lot when placing a bid.  The system will automatically place a new bid at the auction designated increment without going over your Max Bid.
  4. You will receive a text message any time you are out bid on an item.

Auction Process:

  1. The lots/items will be sold in correlation with the sale order.
  2. Use the Filters found by clicking in the top left hand corner of the screen to see lots meeting specified criteria including specific exhibitors, open Lots you've bid on, Lots that have closed, and lots without any bids.

Watching the Auction:

***Please note fair managers- "watching the auction" is established and set up how your fair prefers to run it.  These notes are simply a suggested version.  Please edit as you see fit***

  1. Please join our Webinar https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86965901688 Password: 2020 on September 12, 2020 at 5:00pm to participate in real time, bidding, watching and listening to the auctioneer.  


  1. If you would like to watch/listen to the auction and do not plan on placing any bids, please click the link on the auction page to join our live streaming (please note, there is typically a 10-15 second delay when viewing via live stream) You can follow along on the auction site and watching the live stream.  If you decide you want to place a bid, please follow the "Auction Closing" section.


CONGRATULATIONS!  When you have won the lot, you will be contacted by the fair staff to obtain payment information and/or emailed an invoiced.


Auction Bio

For the 2020 Yavapai Fair - ONLY Youth Livestock both Large and Small will be held.  Due to COVID-19
Pee-Wee (Age  by Jan 1, 2020 5-7) will show all animals both conformation and showmanship as a seperate division.  Limited to Small Stock & Goat ONLY!
Due to the Current Illness there will be NO Rabbits shown at the 2020 Fair - Per the Department of Agricutlrue 

All Youth Livestock Entry Links are Up and Ready - So Enter Away!

Need help with the online entries Entry Video.avi

Yavapai County Fair Youth Livestock has reserved the 7% commission from the Youth Auction for a Sponsorship / Scholarship Program. This is a program to help the youth help youth livestock grow in Yavapai County!

 Yavapai County Fair Youth Livestock Fair


Youth Livestock Chairman: Crystal Martinez
Youth Livestock Vice Chairman: Mandy Laipple
Show/Sell Secretary (Large): Jessica Dickinson
Show/Sell Secretary (Small): Payten Petersen
Beef: Jessica Owen
Sheep: Shelby Fulmer
Goat: Kris Mazy / Charlene Flickinger
Swine: Paul Blecker
Pee-Wee: Kristen Blecker
Small Stock: Jocelynn Fults
Carcass: Jessica Dickinson
Herdsmanship/Educational Posters: Codie Jo Dickinson
(If I missed anyone I am so Sorry)
Many jobs but not limited to that we need help with are as follows:
BBQ Chairman
Buyer Plaques
Exhibitor Fun/Activities
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